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Bookings for Central Coast's
Premier Wedding & Special Event expo

will Open May 1st

Important NOTE


NOTE You can only be confirmed with full payment by credit card.

Single stand  $330

Double stand $575

Photo Booth stand $380

Double Photo Booth stand $575

Car Single standard car - $330 (1 car only)

2 standard cars - $575

Stretches single car - $300 (1 stretch only)

2 stretches  - $575

Information Night Thursday 9th June at 7pm @ Mingara


Getting Hitched expo with a difference

Central Coast's Premier Wedding & Special Event Expo

will be held on 3rd Sunday in June

between 10am & 3.15pm

@ Mingara Recreation Club

Central Coast NSW

introducing all 30 categories

of the finest Wedding Specialists!


Following the huge success of the Getting Hitched expo with a difference - this very special Central Coast Wedding Expo for wedding couples will again be held at Mingara on the 3rd Sunday in June and is designed to bring together the many categories that represent our wonderful Wedding & Special Event Professions.

As a community profile event we have attracted very generous media support from SEA FM in recognition of our hosts and enthusiastic friends The Lioness Club of East Gosford. Advertising will commence at the start of June and we will be featured on all SEA FM shows which include breakfast, morning, afternoon, evening and drive shows.

Other Advertising may include (but not limited to):

  • NBN 
  • Selected Print media & advertising
  • Mingara Life magazine
  • Face Book


  • public visiting this wonderful expo entry fee Only a gold coin donation per adult on entry .


Exhibitors Bookings will be attempted to be limited to aprox four to eight exhibitors per category, excluding committee members.

Exhibitor Stall Cost - Credit Card payment required

 Single stand  $330

Double stand $575

Photo Booth stand $380

Double photo Booth stand $575

Car Single standard car - $330 (1 car only)

2 standard cars - $575
Stretches single car - $330 (1 stretch only)

2 stretches  - $575

Payment can only be made by credit card. Your booking will only be confirmed when payment has been received - until payment has been made you are not officially booked in to participate at the Getting Hitched expo.

Last year we had just on approx 100 exhibitors so please respond quickly to help ensure your participation. Many businesses missed the opportunity to participate with many categories filling fast.

All exhibitors stands inside the showroom and pre-function will be powered.
Outdoor transport stands are not powered and are not supplied with table chairs or cloth ( you are welcome to bring own )

Note: No lunches will be provided as part of your registration (however can be purchased from food cart on day), so please bring your own. Mingara will be providing food and drink carts near the stairs in the pre-function room. Lioness will be on hand for exhibitors who are unable to leave their stand to purchase food/drink on their behalf. Tea & Coffee is available for exhibitors all day from the coffee cart near the stairs in the pre-function room.

Pre Event Meeting - Excellent Networking evening - June 9th  at 7pm

An information evening will be held downstairs at Mingara on Thursday June 9th at 7pm. Bar will be open for people to purchase drinks and light refreshments will be provided. Great way to find out what is happening on the day and be prepared! Announcement will be made on the night of your stand number and position. To qualify as an approved exhibitor, exhibitor must comply with Acknowledgements and Terms & Conditions including supplied your Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance)


Registrations will only be accepted from specific categories (refer 'Registration' page). To ensure maximum benefit for your participation bookings will be attempted to be limited in each category to approximately four - eight exhibitors. Acceptance of the number of bookings is at the committee's discretion. Note We have a non cancelation policy & do not give refunds.

  • Bookings are strictly accepted on a First In basis only.

Exhibitors are not to distribute or display any literature at the Getting Hitched expo other than the business name / category registered. Any exhibitor found to be displaying inappropriate materials will be asked to leave the venue by security.

Any business / person not registered with full monies received will not be allowed to approach visitors / businesses at the Getting Hitched expo and will be asked to leave the venue by security.

If any exhibitor notices inappropriate behaviour please advise the executive committee or the Lioness ladies.

Insurance / Certificate of Currency / Public Liability

It is the responsibility of ALL exhibitors to provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. A copy of this needs to be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • If anyone else finds affordable insurance information please send through so we can add to the Getting Hitched website.

Display Area - sample floorplan (click here)

The venue is Mingara's spacious Showroom with stage, Pre-Function area and Tasman Rooms.

Up to approximately 100 stalls can be set up depending on configuration and the number of double stands.

Upon registration you will be allocated an exhibitor area. Exhibitors within a similar category will be positioned throughout the venue.

Exhibitors will be notified of their stand allocation at the Pre Event Meeting 9th June at Mingara begining at 7pm.

Exhibitors will be provided with a standard rectangle size trestle table approx (170cm x 80cm), white table cloth and 2 chairs, power included.

To ensure the enjoyment of everyone Exhibitors are allocated an exhibitor space and must not wander around the venue handing out brochures, etc. It is important exhibitors remain within their allocated space and for safety reasons are not allowed to venture into aisle space.

Exibitor Stand and Position Prices:

Single stand  $330

Double stand $575

Photo Both stand $380

Double photo both stand $575

Car Single standard car - $330 (1 car only)

2 standard cars - $575
Stretches single car - $330 (1 stretch only)

2 stretches  - $575

Exhibitor Stall sizes are -

  • Single Stall : 2m wide x 2m depth However (note these may vary)
  • Double Stall: 4m wide x 2m depth (Two Tables) approx (Note this may vary)
  • Double 'U shaped End of row' Stall : 4m wide x 2m depth  (Three Tables) approx (Note this may vary)
  • Outdoor Transport Position: (Note varing prices)
  • Special outdoor positions have No power and No tables)
    • Note: Out door exhibitors if you are conserned with inclement weather Exhibitor stands inside the venue at noted prices can also be purchased However this would need to be done prior the date and before all stands are perchased as ther is a limited number availible. 

Sound displays within the main showroom must not disturb others. If your exhibit requires special consideration, we invite you to contact us immediately.

Special Note: As Mingara has recently been painted nothing can be attached to the walls. Remember any damage to walls or floors will be paid for by the business responsible.

Height Restriction

To ensure the comfort of everyone, exhibitors with solid large displays higher than 1.5m are to advise when booking and will be allocated an appropriate space (limited availability) which will not interfere with the view of guests and other exhibitors. If a suitable space is not available unfortunately a solid large display will not be able to be erected.

Bump In / Bump Out

Special Note to all Exhibitors on unloading on the day -

The unloading area at the loading docks can be very cramped. If you do not have bulk items to unload we would suggest that you port your items in directly from the parking area to reduce congestion.

If you do need to unload at the dock area, unload & leave items there whilst you park your vehicle we will have Lioness ladies to watch over your items whilst you do this. This will help once again to alleviate congestion.

We suggest that you allow yourself extra time for set up & please be patient.

Bump in time is from 6:30am to 8.45am for a 10 am arrival of visitors.

Exhibitors must have arrived and be set up by 9:00am as loading dock doors will be locked.

Due to a OH&S inspection exhbitors must have arrived and be set up by 9:00am.

  • No exhibitor can set-up after opening time (10am) and their space will be allocated for other displays.

Completion of the expo is 3:15pm with bump out to be completed by 5pm.

  • Exhibitors cannot commence to dismantle their stalls until 3:15pm to ensure visitors still wandering are not disadvantaged or in danger.

A Security Guard will be provided for the entry / exit door area.

Lioness Ladies will look after stalls and equipment if you need to be away for any set time.


Mingara will have a OH&S representative inspecting all exhibitor stands commencing at 9am. This includes items such as computer and electrical leads which MUST be tagged (meaning inspected by an authorised inspector and cords/leads tagged and dated). Other potential safety issues will also be inspected. The Getting Hitched committee strongly suggest that exhibitors consider all safety issues which may relate to their stand and have any potential hazards recitified before attending on the day.

High Lights

All brides will receive a special free edition of the WHITE wedding magazine. (Note this may vary)

An opportunity will be available for early registrations to volunteer their services to be part of an exciting event that introduces the many services that make up the wedding profession.

With around 1700 visitors at the expo, it will also be promoted for 'Special Events' to encourage visitors to think outside the square!


Much more than $15,000 worth of extra advertising has been donated from SEA FM and the commercials will air in early June.

Community Switch announcements will promote the event from 01 June.

NBN TV commercials in the month of June

The Express Advocate will run feature stories/editorials in both Wyong and Gosford newspapers. (Note  this may vary)

Mingara will promote the event through its foyer advertising throughout the month of June and in their Mingara Life magazine.

Online announcements will be made on websites which promote wedding expos.

If you are an exhibitor and would like to promote your attendance an advertising tile or flyer for printing can be emailed which can be displayed on your website, outgoing emails, shop or printed materials. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

Promotional Support

Exhibitors can receive a free directory listing on Directory page by submitting their business details and logo based on prompts . This is a complimentary offer. We hold no responsiblity for incorrect listed details however if you have listed your details incorrectly, you have the access via your password to alter the entry you made.

'Getting Hitched' expo bags will be provided to brides & grooms for your supply of pamphlets and brochures.

  • Special Offers for Getting Hitched exhibitors - Are you in need of business cards, flyers or banners?

    • Kwik Kopy - flyers, business cards, brochures in 48 hour turnaround (pdf - click here)
    • Banners available in approximately 7 day turnaround
      • Premium Banner  - ask about prices  (2000mm x 850mm)(Artwork starts at  additional)
      • Economy Banner  - ask about prices  (2000mm x 850mm)(Artwork  additional)
      • Note: All images, logos, text, colours must be supplied based on specs
      • Note you will need to Contact Kwik Kopy to find out if this deal is still current

Unable to Exhibit at the  Expo?

If you are unable to attend the  Getting Hitched expo for personal reasons or category is full but would like to have your business promoted to brides and grooms:

  • Promotional material added to the Getting Hitched expo bags - $1000 donation
    • (this price is based on the cost of exhibiting plus estimated exhibitor costs such as promotional merchandise and the hours to attend on the day.

The prices have been calculated by the committee to support and protect efforts, energy and dollars invested by paid exhibitors. And to ensure paid exhibitors are not disadvantaged.

Terms & Conditions - click here

It is important that exhibitors read and abide by the Getting Hitched Terms & Conditions. Exhibitors accept and understand these Terms & Conditions by payment of their exhibitor stand fees.


Updates (important)

Please keep visiting www.getting-hitched.com.au for updated information. This website will be the source for news, information and changes for the Central Coast's Getting Hitched expo with a difference! This is a fluid document and a work in progress, like all great works of art!

We reserve the right to change details at the Committee's discretion.





--- proudly supported by ---

Lioness Club of East Gosford

where all profits are donated back to the local community
through Coast Shelter and Lioness projects

--- major sponsor ---


© Getting Hitched 2008 - 2017  ~ Held 3rd Sunday in June each Year