History ...

The Getting Hitched expo is facilitated by a small dedicated team of advertisers from the Lioness Ladies of East Gosford along with the services of Warren Price - The Fundraisers Friend.

So, how did the Getting Hitched expo get started?


Our names are Alan & Julie Evans, we were married in March 2007 and whilst organising our wedding realised there was a need for a localised Central Coast wedding directory. As Julie's main business is web design, and Wedding Photography this was something we could do - and Weddings4u.com.au was created.

Part of our business plan was to host a wedding expo in the future, but being busy people we never seemed to have the time available. However one day whilst corresponding with an advertiser via email we came up with the idea of putting together a small group of Weddings4u advertisers to organise a wedding expo.

We believed that because we would need the help of advertisers we ourselves could not take any money from the expo and we approached Warren Price - The Fundraisers Friend who put us in contact with the lovely Lioness Ladies of East Gosford where all profits are donated back to the local community.

Our first meeting was held on Tuesday 27th November 2007 in the board room of Gosford Anglican Church - Getting Hitched 'expo with a difference' was born!

Most of us had little or no experience in putting on an event, let alone a wedding expo. Our aim was to uphold the values of Weddings4u and create an affordable, quality event.

After 6 months of many meetings, much planning and a lot of work and determination the very first Getting Hitched expo was held on Sunday 22nd June 2008. It was a huge success with 87 exhibitors, 583 visitors on the day and we raised $7000 for the local community.

Now in it's 7th year - we have learnt a lot along the way. Some things work, some things don't. We have an amazing committee who are willing to grow and learn with the aim of keeping the Getting Hitched 'expo with a difference' the Central Coast's premier wedding event for brides and grooms as well as exhibitors.

Each year bookings are accepted on a first-in basis allowing the opportunity for new and fresh exhibitors each year. Last year some categories filled within second other with in minutes of opening registration and in one day we had over 50% of exhibitor stands filled. Awesome!

2011 saw the launch of this brand new website. With updates each Year

Last year we changed the floor plan layout slightly in the main showroom at Mingara to allow more space for exhibitors, in turn this also means we will have less exhibitors stands, this was successful However we have listened to exhibitors and visitors and will make some adjustments again this year 2013 with Red Carpet being removed to ensure quality time for potential clients to communicate with Exhibitors and to allow for more space.

Exhibitor launch date is early on the 1st of May each year or first week day in May each Year.

Expo is held each year on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Getting Hitched stats:

  • 22nd June 2008 : 87 exhibitors; 583 visitors; $7000+ raised for the local Central Coast community
  • 21st June 2009 : 100 exhibitors; 1700 visitors; $10,000+ raised for the local Central Coast community
  • 20th June 2010 : 110 exhibitors; 1600+ visitors; $10,000+ raised for the local Central Coast community
  • 19th June 2011 : 107 exhibitors; 1700+ visitors; $10,000+ raised for the local Central Coast community
  • 17th June 2012 : 100 exhibitors; 1655+ Visitors; Estimated $13.000+ raised for the local Central Coast community
  • 16th June 2013 : 102 exhibitors; 1659+ Visitors; Estimated $17.000+ raised for the local Central Coast community

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