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Shop 3, 1a Campbell Crescent, , , , 2251
0478 364 360
SmileLABS Terrigal is a cosmetic teeth whitening business which opened on 6th May 2015 and serves the Central Coast. It is a cosmetic product, we are not dentists, nor is it the dental industry.

There are over 400 Smile Labs operators in the USA, and we also trade in Canada, Thailand, India, the United Arab Emirates and the Seychelles to name a few!

The business has operated for almost 10 years in America and has had great success. The company has put a lot of money into research and development, continually refining the product to make it the best on the market:

• Safe and pain free
• Makes your teeth between 2 and 8 shades lighter
• Uses a unique scientifically formulated gel and LED light technology
• Gives you up to 12+ months of brightness
• It does not harm your teeth, enamel or dentine
• Incredibly fast – whatever treatment you have you instantly have a whiter, brighter and lighter smile.

Instead of teeth whitening costing between $500 and $1500 at the dentist, we have a premium affordable whitening system that does not damage the enamel or the dentine or the teeth at all, is non-invasive, pain free, non-burning, there is no after taste, and it is incredibly inexpensive as we charge $99 for a Single (15 minute) session and $149 for a Double (30 minute) session. A Triple (45 minute) session is $199. The results are spectacular and our clients leave very happy. We even have great opening specials in place for the first month of business where you can save $50 off a double and Triple treatment which is excellent value for money.

The Single Session involves one application of gel and 15 minutes of the cool LED Blue Light, the Double Session sees the application of 2 coats of gel and 2 lots of 15 minutes with the LED light, and if you have a Triple Session this means you have 3 gel applications and 3 lots of 15 minutes of the LED Light. With each application of gel to your teeth, and 15 minutes of the LED Light your teeth become whiter.

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